Welcome to your social media toolkit!

What is a social media toolkit? We want to make your fundraising as easy as possible, so we've created a few graphics for easy sharing. Just right-click and save the images to your computer. Then post to social media or add to emails as you see fit. We even include suggested text to accompany the images!

Tips for using the graphics:

  1. Use TinyURL.com to minimize the length of the link to your Dog Walk page.
  2. Personalize your post – Even though we’ve provided the graphics and suggested text, feel free to tell YOUR story. Your friends and family want to know why this makes a difference to YOU.


Postcards for Facebook and Twitter:

Suggested text: I’m walking to save lives! Join/Support me {insert link to your Dog Walk page}

Facebook and Twitter rabbit post card Facebook and Twitter dog post card 

Facebook and Twitter cat post card


Postcards for Instagram:

Instagram dog post card Instagram rabbit post card

Instagram cat post card


Then we have the perfect graphic to post when you reach half of your fundraising goal:

Half of fundraising goal


We also have some useful statistics, for any friends who need even more reasons to support you:

Why I'm Walking Stats



Take a Dog Walk selfie! We've created a print-at-home selfie kit to share why you're participating in the K9-3K Dog Walk. Just click here to download them. Print the page and cut out the one you like. Then simply hold it up and call your favorite pet over for a selfie. Your friends and family will love the personal touch!

In case you need it: If you want to pull at people's heart strings, consider sharing the story of an animal the SPCA has rescued. Remind them rescues like these are made possible by donations and fundraisers.

Rikki – After Rikki was surrendered to an animal hospital with a cleft lip and a large wound than ran about half the length of her back, the SPCA agreed to continue her care and find her a good home. She was fostered by a member of the SPCA’s medical team to ensure she received necessary treatment. Rikki wore a cone to prevent her from opening any scabs on her back and she even had laser therapy to help with her healing. By the time she was adopted in December of 2016, Rikki had been with the SPCA more than 13 months! Her care and treatment were possible because the SPCA has such dedicated supporters who make our Dog Walk one of the biggest fundraisers of the year.

Bailey – The idea that dogs only end up in animal shelters because they did something wrong or because their humans didn’t want them is a myth that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bailey was adopted as a puppy and lived in her home for several years until her mom was in a car accident. Her human would need care herself, so she was unable to care for Bailey. The SPCA put Bailey up for adoption so her mom could rest assured knowing Bailey would find a comfortable and loving home. Proceeds from the Dog Walk enable the SPCA to help thousands of pets each year, but sometimes they allow us to help people, too.


Your business should be listed here! Make your marketing dollars count and invest in a sponsorship opportunity with us. We've got some great ideas to create a win-win for your business and the animals at the SPCA. View the benefits package here or contact Event Manager Amy Crum for a customized win-win solution.