Hello friends!

Who wants to help save a life?!
For those that know me, it is no secret that animals are a huge part of my life (okay, basically my whole life!). I always tell my Nana it is her fault that I've come to love animals so much. When I was very young, my Nana and Papa used to take my sister and I to feed the stray cats behind the hospital she worked at. Her and my Papa went faithfully, trekking through the woods to make sure those cats had food. These are memories that have stayed in my heart forever, and my love for animals grew from there (specifically for the homeless ones). I was fortunate to grow up alongside many dogs throughout the course of my childhood. I adopted my first dog right after I graduated college, and he was the light of my life. For several years I lived in an area where there were countless stray animals, and that is when I found my passion for rescue work. My love for animals and my desire to do more led me to my dream job at the SPCA as an Adoption Specialist. Rescue work isn't always easy. We see things that bring us to tears and shatter our hearts; but it is exactly where I am supposed to be. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the happy endings, but we can only continue to keep saving lives with your help and support! There are so many animals waiting for their happily ever after... would you consider contributing and be a hero to these animals?


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!