Thank you SPCA

To the place that brought me Hunter,

Not only have you given me a job that I love and can be proud of, you gave me a wonderful work family, new challenges to face, more knowledge than I could have imagined, and endless laughter. Most importantly though, you gave me my best friend. 

I started working at the SPCA of Wake County in July of 2018 as an Animal Care Specialist. I have met countless dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits over my short time there; each animal with something unique to offer, a different story, love to give, difficulties to overcome, and a little something special to offer their new family. I have enjoyed every single moment of meeting each of these pets, spending time with them, loving them, crying for them, and wishing for their family to walk through the door at any given moment. All of these pets have made an impact on my life, but none quite like Hunter.

Hunter is a 2.5 year old "pure bred brown dog" as we like to say. We first took him in just 10 days before I started working at the SPCA. He was wild, he had heartworms, and boy was he a handful. We didn't get off to the best start, he likes to push buttons, challenge you, test your patience, and occasionally give you a little nibble. Trying to keep this wild child calm during heartworm treatment was tough, trying to show Hunter to people was tough because of his bossiness, rowdiness, and high energy. Over the course of several months he had been adopted and returned a couple of times for various reasons. I spent months looking at this adorable dog knowing that DEEP DOWN (some days very deep down) in there was a great dog just waiting to come out.

After one of the times of him getting adopted and returned my heart just sank. He and I started working more consistently together. He learned several new commands, he was calming down, he was being more gentle, polite, and respectful. We were making incredible progress. Each day we worked together I loved him a little more and found a little something extra about him that I adored. 

Septermber rolls around, we've become really good buddies. My coworkers and several volunteers keep joking about how he's "my dog", and would let me know how "my dog" was if I wasn't there that day, and would halfway jokingly ask when I was going to take him home... They all knew before I did what was bound to happen.

More days pass, Hunter has some interest, a few pending adoptions, but he was still there. Fast forward to December, I finally convince my parents to bring our little dog Maggie to come meet him. I was hopeful, nervous, and anxious all day that day. This would be the day he would either be coming home with me or he wasn't. The meeting did not go well. He had very few other dog meetings, he was bouncy, high energy, and wide open. He did not make an excellent first impression on Maggie or my parents. I was crushed, but I had to tell myself it just wasn't meant to be.

A few more weeks pass by, another sadly unsuccessful adoption, several people interested him, and a volunteer informing me of a VERY interested couple who were coming in the next day later I convinced my parents to come and meet him again without Maggie. They saw that he wasn't always that wild, sporadic, and crazy dog they met that day a few weeks prior, but that he could be sweet, calm, loving, and gentle. They agreed to give it a shot. January 18th, 2019 Hunter came home on a dress rehearsal. Three days later he was officially mine.  

Hunter is now friends with little Maggie who was absolutely petrified of him back in December, he adores my dad (and the feeling seems to be mutual), he has won over my mom despite his shedding and muddy little feet, and he has shown me so much love every day. While I miss having him at work and being able to see him there, it is so much better knowing that his future is safe, secure, and at home with me. So to the place I call home and who gave me my best friend, I'd like to say thank you. 

Your donation will help continue to provide care for our incredible pets while they await someone special to make them part of their family and best friend.