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Well hello there! Thank you for taking the time to look at my page.
If you don't know, this is my fourth year fundraising for the SPCA Dog Walk, and my third time participating as an SPCA employee. My first year, I was inspired to sign up to walk by my two rescue dogs, Christy and Gizmo, whose lives were saved by the SPCA.

And I don't say that lightly -- both of the sweet pups you see on the left would have faced a high risk of euthanasia if the SPCA hadn't been there for them.

Gizmo had a life-threatening heartworm infection when he came to the SPCA, something that is very expensive and takes months to treat from start to finish. When I met Gizmo at the shelter and decided that I needed to take him home, I learned that the SPCA was not only in the process of treating his infection, but would continue his heartworm treatment until he was fully cured. And they handled everything: scheduling vet appointments, supplying Gizmo's daily medicine, talking with me about how his last treatment went and how to best take care of him at home. Everything. Without the SPCA, Gizmo probably wouldn’t have received that kind of start-to-finish care – in fact, he probably would have been euthanized.

Christy is the archetypal shy shelter dog: sweet, timid, shy but playful, and, sadly, very scared of people. We don’t know much of anything about Christy’s life before the SPCA, but we're pretty sure she was abused. Christy was actually at the SPCA for eight months before my boyfriend adopted her – skittish and nervous about approaching new people, she was constantly overlooked by adopters. But in the years that she’s been part of our family, she’s really opened up and become a braver, happier, all-around doggier dog. She needed more time than most to recover from the trauma of her old life and find a forever home, but the SPCA gave her a chance, and we are so lucky.
At the risk of sounding cliche, my life really has been changed by these two pups, and I've seen the lives of many others changed by the presence of a rescue pet in their life. Christy's calm and sweetness helps me slow down and appreciate the little moments of life, and does more to relieve the stresses of daily life than anything else. I've struggled with depression my entire life, and I swear that Gizmo is tuned in to my emotions enough that he can tell when I'm having a panic attack and comes to comfort me with sweetness and gentleness. And training this once-uncontrollable dog has taught me tremendous patience and watching him learn and grow has brought me so much pride.
So with all that being said, please support my campaign and help me pay it forward! There are so many more homeless pets who need saving, and so many people whose lives can be changed for the better with animals in their lives.

Fun fact: the SPCA of Wake County is 100% supported by independent donors like me and you; they receive NO funding from government agencies or national charities like the ASPCA. And the SPCA of Wake County is the Triangle's largest private no-kill, limited admission animal shelter. I am constantly amazed by how much the SPCA does with the support of the people in our community. Every single animal they save is because of people like us who care about homeless pets.