Come walk with me!

Nonni came to the SPCA almost exactly two years ago from another shelter. She was older, had weird medical issues, was opinionated and had no patience for the people who would visit her and not pay attention when she told them that she was not interested in visiting right now, thank you very much. Even when staff would visit her, she would swat a toy around for a while then give you The Look, which meant you put the toy down and walked away. Now. We moved her around from room to room, trying to find the right area that would showcase her strong-willed feline-ness. We tried her in a foster home for a while. She went on bite quarantine a few times. She was a bit of a disaster.

After about a year of this, I moved Nonni into my office. She became a different cat almost instantly. I would come in every day and she would sing to me (meowMEOW) while I got her breakfast ready. She would run around my office like a kitten for about an hour or so, then she would settle into her throne on my desk and supervise me. When people would come into my office, she would advise them on what to do (chirpMEOW). She was a great colleague.

When the condition of her eye really declined and she needed to have it removed, she came to stay at our house so she could recover from her surgery. Nonni was home. She claimed Caleb’s room (and Caleb) and would hurry him along in the morning by chasing after his feet and lecturing him (more meowMEOW).

She was adopted twice during her time with me and I felt like I was handing my own cat over to someone else- I guess I was. I was never happier to have a cat returned than I was when Nonni came back. The last time she returned from a failed adoption, she and I both knew she wasn’t leaving home again.

The seizures seemed to come out of nowhere and whatever was causing them was hitting hard. We treated Nonni as best we could with a small army of medications but it wasn’t going to stop what was coming. I found her one morning in her room and she was able to hold on while we drove to the vet, having what I knew was going to be our last conversation (chirp) in the car. I was there until the end and she was not alone. We may not have adopted her on paper, but she knew she was Nonni Flowers.


Even though we were devastated to lose her, Nonni's journey would have ended well before she had the chance to come to the SPCA. She would not have been here to touch our lives (and lunches- little food thief) the way she did and we would have never met such a silly, wonderful, ridiculous, loving creature. Because of the SPCA, Nonni was able to be surrounded by love and lavished with attention right up until the end of her life. So please support me in my efforts to raise money for the SPCA. We have some big dreams and some even bigger goals and we absolutely cannot do it without awesome people like you. Help us create a humane community; a place where all the Nonnis are safe. You are an essential piece of our story- that story where we keep saving those misfits; those wacky, misunderstood felines that have a special spot in our hearts.


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Did you know?

Did you know the SPCA of Wake County is supported by donors, like me and you, who care about animals in need? The SPCA of Wake County receives NO funding from any national charity, plus they do not get any government funding. The SPCA of Wake County is a stand-alone, grassroots animal charity dedicated to doing extraordinary things for homeless, abandoned and neglected pets! Every single animal they save is because of people like me who care about homeless pets.