Sponsor Lucy and Help SPCA Sweeties




I adopted Lucy (her SPCA name was Louanne) from the SPCA in 2009!  As a SPCA volunteer I get to meet countless numbers of dogs each year.  Louanne was a lingerer.  She had visits with potential adopters, but none ever clicked.  I liked Louanne, even though I never spent much time with her.  She was a sweetheart who was FANTASTIC with other dogs.  But, she was only 8 months old.  I really did not want a puppy.  After talking to some SPCA staff members and fellow volunteers. I finally decided to adopt Louanne.  I quickly renamed her and brought her home.  Lucy has been an absolute joy!  I just love spending each day with her!  Her goofiness constantly puts a smile on my face  :)  



Lucy is my second SPCA alum.  My first girl, Harmony, was adopted in 2000.  She had some behavioral challenges, but she was loved and spoiled for her entire life until canine cancer took her from me. Adopting Harmony changed my life in ways I could never have imagined and at the end of 2000 I became a volunteer with the SPCA of Wake County!!!  


I am asking for your help in my effort to save lives. Please consider a donation to sponsor us in the K9-3K Dog Walk. In honor of my SPCA girls, I would appreciate any sponsorship donations - even $5! The money goes to a great cause!

Thank you!