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Work is fun!
Work is fun!

Underdog Advocates (Staff Team)

It's so much more than just a job.

Nobody gets into the Animal Welfare field because it's so lucrative and glamorous. We're not envied by most, and in fact, we're frequently asked how we could possibly do what we do every single day when it must be just everso heartbreakingly depressing. But we have a secret. Working at the SPCA isn't depressing. In fact, we love our jobs -- even the stinky, the sweaty, and the sometimes-sad parts. We don't have big balances in our checking accounts but we have dozens of furry-coated admirers telling us every day that we're doing great work, and that they appreciate us. We're here for them, and we know you are too. So that's why we're asking you once again to make a small donation to team's K93K Fundraising effort. The money helps us develop new and innovative programs, it helps us pay our utility bills, it helps us keep the animals healthy, and it helps us keep on growing. The more we grow, the more lives we save. The more lives we save, the more opportunities we each get every day to feel like a hero, and, we're not gonna lie...feeling like a hero is awesome.

Thanks so very much for your continued support!

-the Underdog Advocates (SPCA Staff Team)









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