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Basic tasks (no additional training required)

After you attend the New Volunteer Orientation, these are the tasks you can do right away:

  • Cat Butler
  • Curb Appeal
  • General
  • Puppy Butler
  • Facilities Friend/ Laundry
  • zHC Laundry (at Admission/Holding Center)

For these tasks, you will get on-the-job training. When you arrive for your shift, please sign in, put on a name tag, and read the task instruction sheet in the Volunteer Check-in area. Then let an Animal Care staff member  know that it is your first time doing the task, and they will help you get started.

Tasks with training requirements:

The following tasks require a training class prior to volunteering:

  • Bunny Buddy
  • Cat Butler - Treatment
  • Canine Housekeeper*
  • Dog Butler*
  • Matchmaker (Dog*/Cat/Puppy)
  • Meds (at Pet Adoption Center) or zHC Meds (at Admission/Holding Center)
  • zHC Cat Butler (at Admission/Holding Center)
  • zHC Dog Walker* (at Admission/Holding Center)
  • zHC General (at Admission/Holding Center)
  • zHC Kennel Keeper* (at Admission/Holding Center)

*Please watch Molly Stone's Dog Training video below prior to volunteering on any dog tasks.

Training dates & registration

Please see your weekly volunteer e-newsletter or Volgistics account for upcoming training dates. To sign up, search for the training in your Volgistics account under the task name "Training for" and sign up as you would for a volunteer shift.

Dog Training classes (recommended)
Molly Stone's Dog Training Video